Pregătire comună deca

pregătire comună deca

Fulfilled with colours, textures, smell, words, details, people all in one Transilvania experience. Small family business.

Deva, Romania

Run with taste and love for good life. A perfect place for me and my family. Parking, good wi-fi, fluffy beddings, excellent salads. Good job Szabo family! You made my stay!

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Dochita Z. The best in Hunedoara county. Beautiful property, the whole area is like a dream, maintained with impeccable taste and very quiet.

Name[ edit ] Its name was first recorded in as castrum Dewa. The origin of the name gave rise to controversy. It is considered that the name comes from the ancient Dacian word dava, meaning "fortress" as in Pelendava, Piroboridava, or Zargidava. János András Vistai assume the name is of old Turkic origin from the name Gyeücsa.

Food is absolutely delicious, with a lot of traditional dishes. There's no need to leave the property, they have a restaurant, pool and horse riding court.

The staff is super friendly and helpful.

pregătire comună deca

Pregătire comună deca we had an amazing experience and have unforgettable memories. Gabriel Lucian C.

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Nevertheless, one of the most interesting stops one can make in Transylvania. Archia Mansion has a tratamentul artrozei și vătămarea acestuia vibe, hard to capture in words.

pregătire comună deca

It has old-new colors, textures that come together in a metaphor of the good life. WiFi all over the domain, pregătire comună deca, affordable gourmet kind of food. Elegant and accessible.

pregătire comună deca

All in an aristocratic mood. Enjoy it in all its layers slowly. Alina Tudor Great place for a weekend getaway! Lovely accomodation, loved especially the authentic design of the room.

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In the evening I had a delicious dinner, sipped on some mulled wine while listening to live music. The staff was really friendly and helpful.

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It's a family business so I got to pregătire comună deca the owners as well who just made me feel even more welcome. A cozy place that I strongly recommend for families, couples or even solo travellers like me: Carla N Conacul Archia is one of the most beautiful hotels we've stayed at worldwide. The service was excepțional and the staff as pleasant and helpful as posibile. Food is as delicios as we espected. A truly great hotel with lots of charm and attention to detail and a very high quality of all roud service.

pregătire comună deca

An absolute pleasure! Iulia S.

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